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Graphic & Web design
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With over 15 years of experience as graphic designer / art director I enjoy finding out what my clients want and turning it into a successful design that meets all their expectations. I’m able to design all kinds of items for you: logos, business cards, brochures, book covers, bookmarks, promotional material: you name it.
Besides print I can help you out setting up your website and social media and advice you on how to manage it. For a small overview of my designs for clients, you can check out my portfolio.


Graphic Design
Web Design
Social Media
Promotional material
Bookcover design

Work in Process

I like to work with you on a project and to hear more about the background of the project: you know your business inside and out and I can give the designs accordingly to lift it up to the next level.

Giving information upfront before starting on a project makes it more clear for both you and me on what to expect. If the project changes during the designing, I’ll inform you beforehand and keep you up to date about the status. 

Set time and prices

After the first infoI always try to give a first estimate and timeframe in which I think I’ll be able to finish the project. 


I’ll put on my creative hat and shake out some wicked stuff for you. All aided by loads of music, tea and sugar while working.


Talking and keep talking is key: I need to keep you updated on the project and I love to hear feedback.


Final designs are all yours! In case of social media management I’ll give you updates when needed and I’ll always be here for any questions you have.

Let’s get to work

Looking for a unique product for your store? Or a new logo for your business? A website to promote it, together with a social media plan? I can help you with all that and love to think with you of new ways to make your business grow.


Planning and information

Creative Idea



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The numbers

Experience and joy in doing what you do will show in everything you make. Always hungry for more information and learning new media keeps me up to date with the latest trends. Integrity is extremely important to me, especially when working with high profile cliënts.

  • Years of experience – 20 years
  • Joy in making something that works – 99%

Uniquely designed products

Satisfied Clients

Years of experience

Cups Of Tea and counting

Other Recent Works

I update my blog with new recent work. You can check it out here

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