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Markets are such a joy to be at! The contact with customers makes it a real treat to sell my items directly and hearing all the comments makes it even better! All year long I’ll be at several markets, which I’ll list here as well as on my facebookpage.

Would love to see you there!

Markets – 2018

19 mei Kunstmarkt – Balk
20 & 21 mei One Local Day – Sneek
26 mei Iepen Tún – Vreedebest
27 mei Lentemarkt – Oudehaske
2 juni Overtuinenfair – IJlst
23 & 24 juni Midsommar Markt – Slochteren
2 september UITfestival Leeuwarden
6 september Admiraliteitsdagen – Dokkum
7 oktober Sunday Market Zwolle
16 november Winterfair Workum
24 november Etsy Made Market – Leeuwarden
1 & 2 december Kerstmarkt Bourtange
8 december Zoutsloter Kerstmarkt Harlingen
9 december Kerstmarkt Grootzand – Sneek
14 december Kerstfair Dokkum
16 december Sunday Market Zwolle

Shop online!

My products are also available online: Etsy is a wonderful platform where I offer most of my products and I ship worldwide!

Looking for something custom made? Notebooks with your name, special dates, poems handstamped and framed? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

IN shops In the Netherlands
If you live in the Netherlands you can find some products in shops as well! Check my facebook to see which shops carry my products


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